Hijack This Anti-gay/Anti-trans OneMillionMoms Website Petition to Send a Pro-gay/Pro-trans Message to ABC Network

OneMillionMoms.com has a petition for the television network ABC which can be found at the bottom of this anti-transgendered article. It features an unattributed rant railing against the existence of Chaz Bono and gay people, due to Chaz and a gay man participating on the inane Dancing with the Stars. You can utilize this petition-system to send ABC a pro-gay, pro-trans message, thereby contributing to the irritation of anti-trans gasbags. I’ll show you how:

1. First click on this link or go to http://www.onemillionmoms.com/IssueDetail.asp?id=419 . The link opens in a new tab or window, depending on your preferences.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the article and find the link that says, “Send your letter now!” Don’t be afraid to click it; it won’t send anything yet:
Anti-transgendered OneMillionMoms.com petition

3. Once you are on the petition page, erase the original subject header and message content. Replace it with any (polite!) pro-trans and/or pro-gay statement to ABC Network, or anything to inadvertently troll the bigots. In the photo I fail to mention the specific show so don’t forget to do that:
Now the petition is pro-trans on onemillionmoms.com

4. Fill out the other fields and submit the form. In order to send the petition, you must enter your zip code and it will register you. You can use a fake identity if you feel safer that way, but in my opinion there’s nothing to worry about. I registered my real info because I’ll be trolling this site more in the future.
5. Rinse and repeat. Yep, you can do it as many times as you want, from what I’ve gathered so far! I’ve done it twice and plan to do it a few more times. And this method can almost surely be used on their other petitions. Let me know how it goes for you, if there’s any problems shoot me an email at: resistingthemilieu@gmail.com. Thanks!- Ben

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