The Ongoing Occupation of Wall Street

Update 9/22/11 6:04 Eastern: Coverage of Occupy Wall Street can periodically be found at
They have some excellent interviews and footage, and unlike the MSM, they interview people who are well articulated. I’ve found by now that even left-leaning publications seek out the dumbest person at a protest and interview them. That’s all the public gets, so that’s what they think it is. actually covers shit. Go figure.

Update 9/21/11 5:35am Eastern: Here’s the best writing on the arrests and happenings yesterday, the 20th:

Update 9/20/11 11:17am Eastern: NYPD ATTACKS: Police have injured at least one person, and are according to reports attacking protesters. Here’s some arrest video. Notice the police inflicting injury and torture on one young man at about 3:13, by crushing his shoulder and also his hips to the ground. These are typical police tactics, not meant to detain but to repress through trauma. They want to ensure that their victims are too burnt out and hurt to continue protesting the next day, and to set an example to others: to challenge the socioeconomic order in the U.S. by legal protest is akin to defying the gods themselves. That defiance must be met with corporal, summary punishment.


Useful links:

  1. Helpful updates: AnonOps–with video updates and livefeeds.
  2. Video: Arrests of Occupy Wall Street Protesters in NYC on September 19, 2011
  3. Information: AnonCentral
  4. Photo and video: Incredible photography of #occupywallstreet by Juan-Carlos Hernandez
  5. Information: US Day of Rage Tactical Plans 
  6. Send more! @Rthemilieu on Twitter

Update: 60+ French protestors arrested, 3 wounded.

Update: Sept 19, 4:25p.m.: It appears French protesters are being attacked by police and are resisting peacefully. Here’s some video. (A bit shaky. Some English spoken.)
Update Sept 19, 4:15 p.m.: Word on the street is that the NYPD is preventing water supplies from reaching protesters. Also, food (and obviously drink) are much needed at Zuccotti Park. Address to the park is below if you want to send something via delivery joint.
Update: I haven’t been able to get much new info, other than #occupywallstreet continues on and that the MSM is starting to pay more attention. Please share any info you might think would contribute to #occupywallstreet. Thank you!
Places to possibly order pizza for the protestors: List found here (EDIT: Also note that there are other delivery restaurants besides pizza, and if you do order please try to make it something healthy-ish, like lotsa veggies n thin crust or something. Mmmkay?)
Note that Liberatos is SOLD OUT (EDIT: That was Sunday, 9/18, so they may be ready to go again.)
I believe the center of operations is at:
Zuccotti Park
Liberty Street & Broadway
New York, NY 10006

Occupation also requires more items, listed here.


Take the Bull by the Horns
Since I am unable to physically join the Occupation, I will attempt to consolidate useful information here. I’ll try to keep it organized and relevant to the events unfolding in New York, but since I’m here in Ohio, I’ll have to rely on myself and readers to weed out bad information.

What I Know:
1. The event known as #occupywallstreet, September 17, and/or U.S. Day of Rage:

  • Is not funded by George Soros, Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, or any other favorites of the conspiracy theory community. This is simply an easy-out for critics to disparage the movement, but does not provide a substantial critique of #takewallstreet and its raison d’être.
  • Is not an expression of a single, unified ideology such as socialism, anarchism or communism. Rather, it is an expression of grievances, a request for national dialogue, and many other issues.
  • Is not based upon partisan U.S. politics and arguments about economic systems. Rather, it is an expression of outrage towards–and a warning to–Wall Street and the big-corporate business class, as well as the United States government which protects this class, who exploit the majority of people in the United States for economic comforts. It is for this reason that I am surprised that there are so many working and middle class people on the political right defending Wall Street. I would also expect small business, students, and many other groups who lost out during the economic collapse to turn out as well.
  • Began on a Saturday in order to establish organization and generally to get things set up. Critiques disparaging the event being held on a Saturday will seem rather shortsighted beginning Monday. Should the police fail to clear the park and disperse the people, that’s when the event really begins.

Another distinguishing factor seems to be a lack of the old guard of activism, which I’m only inferring from my observations. It seems like it’s mostly fresh blood out there doing this thing. The organizing on the street, such as establishing committees and liaisons, seems grassroots and un-contrived. There seems to be no pre-molded battle plan, leaving room for more adaptability and resilience on the ground.
The cops haven’t attacked yet, but I predict they will; there will likely be an effort tonight to clear out the park and get everyone off of the street in time for business on Monday. This isn’t meant to alarm anyone; I’m just letting you know right now, that’s what I predict. There’s lots of more-experienced people out there, so don’t take my word for it. But I bet they’d agree. The police have been tolerant so far because they have hoped for a few things, including the people packing it in over the weekend to get back to work and class. When that doesn’t happen, the Wall Street attack dogs (aka NYPD) will move in and suppress resistance. It is what the State does.

I need more links and more info. Hit me up at @Rthemilieu on the Twitters.

Useful links:

I’ll try to keep adding more to this, when I’m not doing schoolwork.

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