Troy Davis Has 4 Hours Left To Live (RIP TROY DAVIS)

Troy Davis has been executed by the state of Georgia after being denied a stay of execution by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Update, 9:51p.m. eastern: I recommend visiting to stay up-to-date on the Troy Davis case. It appears that the execution has been delayed, as the Supreme Court is reportedly reviewing the case. Our thoughts are with Troy and his family.
Just a quick freewriting vent. And I want my opposition on record.

3:00p.m. eastern. Another person framed up by police will be murdered by the state.
This is Big Government in its Biggest form.
This is murder. This happens all the time. It’s our fault for doing nothing to stop it. When is murder totally okay? When it’s murder sanctioned by the state. Why we put up with this shit is clear: we’d rather pass responsibility for the tough things off to somebody else. It’s why we hire abusive creeps to deal with our problems. We’re lazy, irresponsible and stupid, and we love it that way.

But by the grace of pure chance that it isn’t you or I being strapped to a cold, sterile hospital bed and killed today. 4 hours. What the fuck?
Troy Davis

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