What the Right Really Think of Students, Workers and Democracy

Arrest me today, I'll be back tomorrow.Update: I found this story highlighting some less-than-savory responses to police violence towards demonstrators at Occupy Wall Street–comments made allegedly by police officers themselves.

While the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations around the U.S.–and likewise, demonstrations in solidarity with OWS around the world–have been met with tepid to lukewarm reception and coverage by the mainstream media, American right-wing news sites and the right-wing blogosphere reveal some of the prevailing attitudes that right-wingers, Ron Paul minarchists, and the business class really hold towards students, teachers, workers, the under- and un-employed, and other working- and middle-class peoples in the U.S.

The right has done everything in their power to frame the OWS phenomenon in a way that they can understand and control. This means they have sought to separate OWS from its message (in case they’re reading and still confused, the message varies but is essentially this: end tax cuts for the richest in order to fix the capitalist budget. Reform capitalism and the Republic to benefit 100% of Americans, rather than the ruling class. Is that so hard to figure out?) This also means that the right pretends to be confused about the message. They require a list of “demands” and the right won’t stop earplugging if we don’t have one. They are essentially playing the game of being a binary system in a three-dimensional debate: they just repeat, “Does not compute! Does not compute!” And that’s their version of discourse.

Here you will find a collection of news stories, blog stories, and comments which are undeniably representative of the right-wing attitude towards the people who challenge Wall Street and the business elite to give up their tax cuts to help regular Americans get back on their feet. I’ll keep adding to this to give you a better picture of what I’m finding on the web.

Remember, these are the folks who demand that we put down everything and RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT the (nebulous, and mostly incoherent) demands of the Tea Party. But anyone else who wants to voice a concern can get screwed. This is right-wing egocentrism, the thought process of a child unconcerned with the consciousness or existence of other beings.


We’ll start off with one of the more moderate blogs, Townhall.com.

News Article:
Rage: More Arrests, Support for Occupy Wall Street

Misses the point: “Unfortunately for these activists, however, their traffic jam made more news than their cause.”

Townhall.com commenters say:
D.G.: “The progressive-liberal-union-communist-MoveOn crack heads are marching on Brooklyn Bridge.”
JUMBOfromWem: “Liberals like these were used by the government for secret testing on the brain. Here’s the evidence all the test failed. ”
Liberals do it too! Ross: “Must be nice to not have to actually work for a living and be able to just go to demonstrations. Please note that the neither President nor the democratic party has anything to do with these protesters. ”
1 Big Sky Cowboy: “They should have got the snow plows out and scrapped those turds into the river.”


Now let’s get a little bit dirtier. Here’s some stuff from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

AP Analyzes ‘Days of Rage’: ‘It’s Unclear Exactly What the Demonstrators Want’

The article begins with this commentary attributed to the Associated Press in New York. However, I cannot find the original article allegedly written by the AP, which gives an uncharacteristically demeaning and false frame. It completely ignores the organizing, the committees, and basically the whole ordeal, instead framing it this way:

The dozens of people in tie-dyed T-shirts and star-spangled underwear have been camped out in a granite plaza in lower Manhattan for more than a week — and show no signs of going away.

They sleep on air mattresses, use Mac laptops and play drums. They go to the bathroom at the local McDonald’s. A few times a day, they march down to Wall Street, yelling, “This is what democracy looks like!”

So I question the ethical integrity of the so-called journalist writing this piece. It should be no surprise, though: remember who the mainstream media gets payroll from.

Head-Meets-Desk-Quote in 3…2…1… “It’s unclear exactly what the demonstrators want:” (Followed by a mini-documentary that features demonstrators describing exactly what they want).

theBlaze.com commenters say:
OLDWHITEGUY: “disruption is what they want. they are leeches on society and want to suck more blood from working americans.”
ISHKA4ME: “The Double Mocha Latte Revolution. Slackers finally becominag adults want free money, free college, free food, etc… This is the generation that wasn’t allowed to keep score in little league. This generation is the first to not have school grades of a, b ,c,d, and f. First generation not willing to work any job but stay at home and play video games in between skateboarding.”
OOKSPAY: “These worthless freaks are just restless they will protest anything, it’s a sport. They haven’t had much to do lately since Bush and Cheney left office. Many are simply living “The dreams of Their Fathers” and hippie Mom’s. Pathetic, pointless pis*ants. Kind of tame as well, if they call that “rage” we have nothing to worry about when the sh!t hits the fan, cake walk. LMFAO!”

Comments from an article supporting police violence against protesters by use of framing (you really should check out the source article, it is blatant in its use of framing):
13THIMAM: “I have a nightstick for any of these TAKERS that attempt to assault me or mine. NO Mercy.”
DETROIT PAPERBOY: “Looks more like “ days of really homely chicks protest ”
TX PILOT: “Way to go NYPD!!!! The only way to teach these freaks to crawl back into the holes they came from, is to cave their heads in”
PUJOLS: “Have you noticed how young all the people are. They have not contributed much if anything.”
(But remember, folks–it’s the demonstrators who are violent radicals, right?)

From an article claiming that Michael Moore is threatening violence (to someone, somewhere, somehow):
JIMMYP: “You see, Mikey leaves a trail of gummy bears to his secret hideout in the woods every time his vists it. You know, the one where Michelle Obama makes non-fat chocolate chip burritos for us all while Barack makes plans to feed us his special kool-aid and transvestite union workers make free ATM machines for illegal aliens and Unicorns prance proudly to the songs of the Grateful Dead and Jay-Z and McDonalds happy meals grow on trees and wha? OH OK, g’nite mommie…yes! I am a good boy…and when I grow up I’m gonna be black and just like Barrack Obamma, mm-mm-mmm….”

Next up, an article on theBlaze.com purporting to be an embedded journalist! Wow! Someone at theBlaze.com went somewhere and did something.
The article is hilarious and the comments are typical:
CHAZMAN: “…is them sum CODE PINK beatches holdin’ up that stupid sign? CODE PINK … a pack of commie beatches, right? I‘d still club ’em like a baby seal …”
MICHAEL48: “did they take thier diapers with them???…or just leave the typical lib-terd mess…”
MIL MOM, in defense of the Blaze’s factual inaccuracies within the article: “Go back to your Comic Book called Politico if you want your version of the facts, The Blaze is about news stories that AP refuses to cover, checked their feed from my home page, “Nope, nothin‘ happenin’, not yet, ignore it while we hit facebook & try to “flashmob” some real protesters in here. Hey, guys, where’s SEIU TODAY!!!!””

But remember–racism is a thing of the past! The right-wing totally respects the working- and middle-classes! Nothing to see here! In reality, anyone can visit any of the bastions of conservative thought in America and find heaping, steaming piles of racism and absolute loathing for working people and students. The vehemence towards young people gets a bit ridiculous. I’m only providing a moderate sample, I actually leave out the worst, and the least bad, and just give you a taste of the middle-of-the-road commentary. Speaking of vehemence, though, let’s get to WorldNutDaily.

wnd.com (WorldNetDaily)

Here’s an article titled, “Who’s really behind Wall Street protests?
Radicals foment agitation in New York, while hinting at American ‘Arab Spring'”

The entire post is palm-to-face:
The General Assembly of New York City has listed some of the possible goals of the current protests: [I’ll stick with listing the bullet points and let you visit the article to try to make sense of the rest]:

The imposition of a Robin Hood Tax on all financial transactions: The tax is the brainchild of nongovernmental organizations largely based in the United Kingdom.
Rebooting the system and rewriting the Constitution: The concept seems to be a reference to a plan to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution by the year 2020.
Reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, which sought to enforce more government regulation of the banking industry.

This is fantastic, WND. I’m wondering where the hell they come up with this stuff. First they said it was Soros, Ayers and Obama. Don’t forget ACORN and the SEIU. Now it’s the UK. Who knew?

Commenters say:
Billy Baumgartner · Haltom High School
“open a hunting season no tags and no licsene required looks like the herd needs thined out”
Gerald Mucci · Nova Southeastern University
“Obama will be tickled to death when these Days of Rage mushroom into violence. It will seem to him like the “good ol’ days” with Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. Treason in the White House, anyone?”
Danica Belic · Top Commenter · Los Angeles, California

(Another episode of “Democracy is okay, as long as it’s right-wing!”)

And we’ll wrap up today with this last piece of intellectual angel cake:
David L Lamon · Top Commenter
“Well it appears Obama’s well orchestrated “Day of Rage” has begun for the day when he has to declare “Martial Law” securing his second term. What do you think, conspiracy nut or sumpin else?”

Nah, you got it right the first time, bub.

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