U.S. Terrorists Use Child Abuse as Recruitment Tool

If I told you that there was a group of both knowing adults and youthful activists who use trauma, fear and violence to intimidate and coerce children into subscribing to a particular political or economic belief, possibly for life–would you act now?

Every year, this nation-wide group takes houses, or parking garages, or otherwise apt buildings, converts them into complex illusions of pain, suffering, tragedy and most of all bloody, tasteless violence, and uses these spaces to forcefully program children and teens to subscribe to a particular version of Revolutionary Marxism.

They convince kids by the scores all over the U.S. that, should they fail to subscribe to this particular sect of Marxism, they will be confined and will literally, physically rot and be burned and tortured and eaten by worms–for all of their existence, which according to the manifesto is eternity. According to one account, they use

…shredded sheets soaked in fake blood, dry ice smoke, shrieks and moans coming from high-end sound systems, strobe lights and everything drenched in red lighting.[1]

They use drama, tension, lighting, sound and an immersive environment to produce guilt, fear, hopelessness, and finally–devotion to the cause.

Probably lifelong devotion.

If this sounds like child abuse to you, you are correct. But if you think this widespread practice of abusing children in order to coerce them into traumatized, lifelong devotion to Revolutionary Marxism is being accepted by the public, you’re only half right.

Because it isn’t those nefarious revolutionary communists (rawr!) using this brutal recruitment tool. It’s employed every Halloween season by thousands of fundamentalist Christian churches across the U.S., in what are most commonly known as “Hell Houses,” or “Judgment Houses.”

And because we’re talking about a religious alignment and not a political or economic or any other one, this use of child abuse as a tool for beefing up congregations and improving the tithes of churches has been treated as unquestionable and has been mostly ignored.

That this issue even needs exposure and debating is a testament to the unchecked privilege held by religion and the religious. It’s well beyond time to start reigning in that privilege, and confronting religious ideas for what they are: ideas. Nothing. More.

Child abuse in the U.S. is completely acceptable so long as a religious institution with enough political clout practices it. This exposes, for any thoughtful person to see, the cognitive vacuity that seems to drain our skulls and cloud our eyes at the introduction of religion to the discussion.

Religion normalizes the absolutely wrong. It justifies misogyny, oppression, sexual violence, torture, terror as a weapon, and just about every other behavior which ought to be abnormal. Taboo. Unthinkable.

A horse by any other color would be named a terrorist.

A hat-tip to this article by Al Stefanelli over on freethoughtblogs.com, which provides an excellent description of what happens at Hell Houses, as well as some thoughts on what you can do in your own community to combat this form of child exploitation and abuse.

Here’s a taste of what Hell Houses are about:

[1] Scaring Your Kids Into Religious Intolerance

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