I’m About to Reboot the Blog.

I’ve put a bit of distance between myself and the blog, for a few reasons. I’ll try to articulate the major reason here.

Most of my posts up until this point have been consistently negative or polemic pieces. I love writing those pieces, but I’d like to head in the direction of writing positive stuff and start creating dialogue; open up the lines of communication rather than dropping cluster bombs on them.

I won’t stop writing pieces that eviscerate the immoralities and ignorance of anti-abortion activists and their doctor-killing comrades. I won’t stop exposing systematic police violence, writing about various attacks on minorities, the poor and workers, or having my disagreements with pro-government civil libertarianism.

But I want to have a dynamic blog, with assets ranging from informational value, critical analysis and investigative journalism to useful dialogues and building networks.

My apologies to anyone kind enough to read my blog, and thanks to anyone who stuck it out.

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2 thoughts on “I’m About to Reboot the Blog.

  1. Carol says:

    Since I’m rebooting my own blog right now, I empathize. Hope the shift goes smoothly; we’re still out here, still reading.

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