The Stuff: Self-Centered Vaxxers, Mariah Carey Scary, Cops ATL

Selfish Assholes who don't give a shit if children who can't access medicine die from measles

Who cares about other people's health? Not Melanie, she's carefree!

  • I will never understand how anti-vaxxer loons got to be so fucking selfish.
  • The people swallowing the anti-vaxxer pill tend to be into the so-called naturalist, homeopathic and Wicca stuff too. I remember being 18 and really, really wanting to believe that Wicca crap. I never could convince myself. It’s schlock. If nature had anything to do with mushy naturalism then careful observation of the world we live in would be their highest priority, not their mortal enemy.
  • Got an email alert from the urging me to sign a petition against the new Jenny Craig commercial featuring Mariah Carey, which (tastefully, IMO) depicts her struggling and finally emerging from a sort of cloth cocoon. The reason is against it? Hilarious: “There is too much skin shown for most audiences. It seems to be portraying a female body coming out of a cocoon, simulating perhaps a new body being formed…This ad is clever in that it is graphic without actually showing anything. This way it could be aired.” Methinks they misunderstand the word, “graphic.”
  • When fascism comes to America it will look like this. (Video)
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