The Stuff: Martyrs, Heartbeats, Privilege Doodz and Punks

The Stuff!

  • The Kentucky school superintendent Ricky Line, who opposed the teaching of evolution in schools, has had his letter to the Kentucky Board of Education leaked and published internet-wide. This guy has a major martyr-complex. The letter, in which he compares himself to a college dean who was shot in the Philippines when the U.S. entered World War II, is downright hilarious. (Hat-tip to Pharyngula.)
  • I almost thought this was something from WorldnutDaily and their birther comrades. Anything is possible with those guys. But then at the end, the reveal. I won’t spoil it.
  • The prescription of a rich white dood to solve institutionalized economic racism: poor Black kids should just stop being so lazy and use the internet, already! And unsurprisingly, the response is “what is this I don’t even“.
  • In Banda Aceh, a provincial capitol in Indonesia, sharia cops have arrested over 60 punk kids and are marching them off to “re-education” camps. This is exactly what bothers me about the arrogance of enforcing social norms. I want to see if the fucking pigs that did this would appreciate having their personal space violated, being dehumanized, being told that who you are is shit. (The Facecrack group trying to raise awareness and petition signatures for the Banda Aceh punks is here.)
  • The Stuff is a bit short today so I’ll leave you with this:
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  1. mike l. says:

    Ha! sweet artical dude and i see u posted that sweet yiddish anarchist song i showed you 😀

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