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NJ Police Kill Unarmed Man–When Citizens Respond, Cops Squash the 1st Amendment

NJ Cops arrive on the scene to squash dissentWhereas the police violence at Occupy Wall Street has found its way into the mainstream press, this video depicts the struggle going on every single day against unchecked State repression in communities of color.

The victim of the police shooting is Barry Deloatch. Here is an announcement from Hub City Anti-Racist Action on his murder by police. I’ll write more on the subject of police shootings in the future, from Aaron Campbell to Oscar Grant, and all across the U.S.

This should be reposted where possible.

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Video: NYPD Lashes Out At Occupiers With Motorcycles

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A Message To Occupy Chicago (and to Occupy Everywhere)

Reposted from Emphasis in bold belongs to the editor. Note that these messages are representative of the authors and do not include the opinions of all anarchists, as we are not homogeneous and hold a diversity of thoughts and opinions. That said, I think these letters have a lot of content worth considering.

Also see: “Open Letter To Occupy Chicago”

Occupy Chicago,

We approach you today from a curious position on the margins of your activity, lingering here because we don’t quite no what to make of you in many respects. We have friends that have been maced and kidnapped by the New York Police Department, and in many ways we are excited about the creation of new spaces in which bonds might be formed in struggle that will take us places further than just a symbolic encampment in the financial district. We have skills, ideas, and energy to make Occupy Chicago a greater force to be reckoned with. We also recognize that those who are a part of Occupy movements around the country are a part of the middle class that is being dismantled by austerity measures being put into place around the country, and have had little experience with conflict. Many want a return to the middle class, for it to be saved. But no such salvation can be delivered to the middle class for an economy in crisis. Instead, as some who have inhabited this dispossession most of our lives, we say: welcome home, but we still have a long way to travel together. Continue reading

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