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Ohio Atheist Group to Church: Thanks “for advertising our thoughts.”

There is no god (don't believe everything you hear)
Usually it’s atheists putting up billboards that say things like, “THERE IS NO GOD. (Don’t believe everything you hear.)” But Mansfield, Ohio pastor Frank Moore of McElroy Road Church of Christ thought that the message would provoke thought and discourse about Christianity, and bring them new parishioners and website visitors. Here’s how Moore explains it, according to

“I was using their (atheist groups) format. I got the idea from them. We have had a lot of feedback. Most of it has been negative. Some Christians were asking us to take it down. But it’s the kind of sign designed to make you think,” Moore said, recalling how growing up his parents always told him not to believe everything people tell him.

Mid Ohio Atheists president Ron Stephens:

“We earnestly thank the McElroy Road Church of Christ for advertising our thoughts.”

Something tells me that Frank Moore shouldn’t go into marketing.

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