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Pledge to End Street Harassment featured on Hollaback! Mumbai

Hollaback! Mumbai has featured RtM post Pledge to Confront and Shame Street Harassers. For those who don’t know, Hollaback! is a global movement dedicated to ending street harassment. Says the Hollaback! Mumbai About page:

Street harassment, known in India as ‘eve teasing’ is one of the most pervasive forms of gender-based violence and one of the least legislated against. Leering, whistling, being referred to as food (mirchi, began, tamatar) to groping, flashing and assault are a daily reality for women in India and across the world. Harassment can occur on the train, in parks, maidans, cinema houses, on the street, on university campuses, buying vegetables, anywhere. But such incidents are rarely reported, and are culturally accepted as ‘the price you pay’ for being a woman and living in a city. At Hollaback!, we don’t buy it.”

I highly recommend checking out the Hollaback! project; it’s a great way to affect the street harassment culture in a positive way. Anyone can get involved, contribute to or even start a chapter of Hollaback! in their area.

If nothing else, take the pledge and/or tell someone you know about it. Thanks!

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Fox News Reporters Get Attacked By NYPD at Occupy Wall Street

Hat-tip to The Hand That Feeds You

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Support this project! Milepost 33 Comic Zine Breaks All the Right Rules

I write so many critical or emotional pieces, here’s something cheery!

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Fox News Reporter Gets Smashed By Occupy Wall Street Demonstrator

Update: His name is Jesse LaGreca. I’ll put a second video in this post of him being interviewed again, this time for Look for it below the first video.

Hat-tip to The Hand That Feeds You. I couldn’t help but repost this. Enjoy.

Here’s the second video:

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It Only Takes 20 Minutes to Shift the Blame

Update: I finally found the original, actual poster of the graphic depicting the New York Times shifting blame from the NYPD to OWS: FreakOutNation.

Via Ari Setsudo Pliskin:
Oct 1st, 6:59PM Eastern: New York Times publishes photo with the following blurb: “After allowing them onto the bridge, the police cut off and arrested dozens of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.”

7:19PM Eastern: New York Times edits the photo blurb to reframe the Brooklyn Bridge arrests: “In a tense showdown over the East River, police arrested hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators after they marched onto the bridge’s Brooklyn-bound roadway.”

It only takes twenty minutes to shift the blame.

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