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The Internet Racist Code Words and Tropes Glossary features a story about Marauding Mobs of teen girls attacking cops.


Understanding racism today requires that one understand the subtleties of the language of those who perpetuate it.

Please contribute to the glossary in the comments section. I will add confirmed, relevant and accurate tropes to the glossary. Please read the entire article first.

Please note the difference between individual uses of prejudiced language and institutional racism. I encourage readers who have not yet already, to investigate this subject, which I’ll inevitably be posting on. The following post addresses use of racially prejudiced language and ideas in the context of institutional racism.

As a result of the abolition of slavery, then later desegregation and the Civil Rights Movement, and finally the combination of contemporary cultural pressures and demographic shifts, the language of racial prejudice and bigoted assumptions has changed dramatically, especially over the last 50 or so years. Words that start with N are no longer the haute couture of racists and privilege-denying whites. Although the old words are cropping up in specific places which guarantee anonymity and/or acceptance, the use of subtlety, context, subjective subtext and nuance have taken the place of open slurs and language. Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Incredible Wingnut-on-Wingnut Crime

For those who cannot view the video, the following is a political attack ad by Ron Paul’s campaign against fellow primary GOP contender Newt Gingrich. Here’s a quote from a right-wing blog,, to put things in perspective:

What makes this ad particularly brutal is the degree to which its content is comprised of (a) flashback quotes from Newt himself (the Pelosi counch of trust is especially galling), and (b) criticism from prominent conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Paul Ryan. The spot’s implicit question: If Republican voters aren’t willing to back Romney because of his shape-shifting political opportunism, is Newt really the antidote?

Ouch. These guys are like bugs hittin’ the zapper, the way they fall from grace these days. This is gearing up to be an interesting primary for sure!

Just remember, representative electoral politics are nothing but a fucken sideshow and a way to keep people from participating in actual democracy.

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“Let Women Die” Bill Will Go To Senate; Conservatives Say “Nothing to See Here”

How does HR 358 create jobs? It doesn't. John Boehner.
The effort to criminalize birth control and make legal abortion impossible to access continues. Over 1,000 bills introduced in 49 states aim to achieve these goals. On the national level, H.R. 358 (aka the “Let Women Die” Bill) and its bizarre provision allowing hospitals to refuse to give a life-saving emergency abortion—and refuse to transfer the patient to a hospital that will—passed in the House by a vote of 251 to 172.

There were 15 Democrats who voted yes on the bill; all were male.

Groups like Family Research Council and the American Family Association, as well as conservative bloggers and politicos like’s Katie Pavlich, have been hard at work misrepresenting the stance of opponents as well as the content of the bill itself. Conservatives are painting H.R. 358 as a bill that simply “stops abortion funding in Obamacare.” (and here.)

From the Family Research Council:

Despite misleading comments by abortion proponents, the Protect Life Act simply removes abortion funding and funding for health plans that include abortion. It ensures that Americans who want health care insurance with abortion coverage or supplemental abortion coverage can purchase it, but not with federal dollars. This was the long standing policy of the Hyde amendment until Obamacare bypassed this 30 year-old provision by directly spending money on new programs without any abortion funding restriction and creating tax subsidies for plans with abortion. The Protect Life Act restores this principle. (

But here’s what the FRC doesn’t want you to know: Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Faces Infiltration and Coup by Capitalists In Disguise

Ron Paul having a cheery old time with Ronald Reagan. Image is a picture signed to Paul by Reagan.

I will gain nothing by arguing with commenters on this page, so don’t be surprised that I don’t have a lot of time to dedicated to it, especially considering how few readers (if any) I stand to gain from doing so. A few points before you comment–if what you write in a comment is covered by these bullet points, I will not take time to respond to your comment:

  • Remember that I speak only for myself on this blog. Not other anarchists, atheists, white people, people who have blogs, people who have DNA, etc…
  • Yes, white privilege exists. If you are white, you have it. To see a sample of privileges you have that come with your whiteness, see this PDF: White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.
  • Please don’t come to my page to fantasize about anarchists supporting Ron Paul or any other politicians. Anarchists don’t work to preserve the undemocratic U.S. electoral political system in the U.S.: we work to destroy it and replace it with actual democracy, such as consensus decision making.
  • I understand what Ron Paul advocates. This article is not a criticism of his positions. I know what minarchists believe and I oppose it. You will not convince me to drink the RP kool-aid.
  • I am not a Statist or a liberal. I advocate the abolition of coercive and hierarchical governing.
  • Just FYI before you comment: Your brand of libertarianism, aka minarchism, does nothing to address capitalism-caused socioeconomic inequalities, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc. You do not have a position that humanizes immigrants, you have a pro-borders position. I want abolition of borders. Abolition of the State. Abolition of free market capitalism. I’d possibly be okay with economic pluralism, provided that capitalists are not enabled to monopolize resources and that the State is abolished. But that’s another issue for another day.
  • Please don’t keep commenting as though I am ignorant of your positions. I am not. I am growing tired of explaining that.
  • Ron Paul is against immigrant amnesty and wants militarized borders. He is against a woman’s right to abortion. He is a Zionist-supporter (regarding his latest comments on the relationship between Israel/U.S.), making him a huge hypocrite in a thousand ways. And, though many claim that he is against the drug war, it is only the Federal drug war he opposes: he advocates the oppression inherent to State’s Rights, instead of the oppression inherent in Federal powers. I believe in universal human rights, and that includes abolition of hierarchies and coercion—which makes Ron Paul’s positions on these things anathema to me. The states are still coercion, the states are still a form of hierarchical organization.
  • Thank you.Update: Please read this post which contains a very important criticism of this article. Thank you.

    It has become very clear from the minarchist presence at Occupy Wall Street and discourse around the web that the Ron Paul and Ayn Rand acolytes are attempting to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement as a tool for their own purposes. While they largely claim, with big, innocent puppy eyes, that they are anti-corporatists, these people are nothing more than lassaiz-faire, free-for-all market capitalists, who wish to create a new State in which the police and government serve capitalists and business. Which is awfully funny considering we already live in one version of that State. These free-market capitalists want more. Continue reading

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What the Right Really Think of Students, Workers and Democracy

Arrest me today, I'll be back tomorrow.Update: I found this story highlighting some less-than-savory responses to police violence towards demonstrators at Occupy Wall Street–comments made allegedly by police officers themselves.

While the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations around the U.S.–and likewise, demonstrations in solidarity with OWS around the world–have been met with tepid to lukewarm reception and coverage by the mainstream media, American right-wing news sites and the right-wing blogosphere reveal some of the prevailing attitudes that right-wingers, Ron Paul minarchists, and the business class really hold towards students, teachers, workers, the under- and un-employed, and other working- and middle-class peoples in the U.S.

The right has done everything in their power to frame the OWS phenomenon in a way that they can understand and control. This means they have sought to separate OWS from its message (in case they’re reading and still confused, the message varies but is essentially this: end tax cuts for the richest in order to fix the capitalist budget. Reform capitalism and the Republic to benefit 100% of Americans, rather than the ruling class. Is that so hard to figure out?) This also means that the right pretends to be confused about the message. They require a list of “demands” and the right won’t stop earplugging if we don’t have one. They are essentially playing the game of being a binary system in a three-dimensional debate: they just repeat, “Does not compute! Does not compute!” And that’s their version of discourse.

Here you will find a collection of news stories, blog stories, and comments which are undeniably representative of the right-wing attitude towards the people who challenge Wall Street and the business elite to give up their tax cuts to help regular Americans get back on their feet. I’ll keep adding to this to give you a better picture of what I’m finding on the web.

Remember, these are the folks who demand that we put down everything and RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT the (nebulous, and mostly incoherent) demands of the Tea Party. But anyone else who wants to voice a concern can get screwed. This is right-wing egocentrism, the thought process of a child unconcerned with the consciousness or existence of other beings.

We’ll start off with one of the more moderate blogs,

News Article:
Rage: More Arrests, Support for Occupy Wall Street

Misses the point: “Unfortunately for these activists, however, their traffic jam made more news than their cause.” commenters say:
D.G.: “The progressive-liberal-union-communist-MoveOn crack heads are marching on Brooklyn Bridge.”
JUMBOfromWem: “Liberals like these were used by the government for secret testing on the brain. Here’s the evidence all the test failed. ”
Liberals do it too! Ross: “Must be nice to not have to actually work for a living and be able to just go to demonstrations. Please note that the neither President nor the democratic party has anything to do with these protesters. ”
1 Big Sky Cowboy: “They should have got the snow plows out and scrapped those turds into the river.” Continue reading

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