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Site won’t be updated often: moving on to new projects.

If it weren’t for the article I wrote on escorting at abortion clinics, I would remove this blog in its entirety. I have to say, I’m pretty sour on masculists who insist on constantly ignoring what I’ve actually written on the site, putting forth arguments from ignorance and authority, distorting research and statistics to support their anti-female agendas, and the like. It is extremely stressful, time-consuming and sucks the writing inspiration out of me, so I haven’t been posting, I haven’t been dealing with it.

I have a project in the works, something that could be a major game-changer for me. I don’t want this blog to ruin any progress I’m making as a writer. That’s all I’ll say for now.

So, if you notice some of my past posts disappear, it’s because I’m done dealing with them and the kooks and masculists that those posts seem to attract. All I see when I read comments in that post is some privileged, likely middle-class white dudebro with a pinstripe shirt and a mangy mustache hacking away at a keyboard in between sessions of jerking off to rape porn and spying on their mom, whose basement they live in, in the shower. It’s giving me nightmares. No, it’s not. But it is making me avoid this blog, and I was building decent momentum before these woman-hating turds (no, that’s an insult to turds, I take that back) came onto my page to miss the point over and over again. I have literally had to repeat myself to them dozens of times. I’m done with that.

Expect some changes around here.


My Response to Claims About My FRS Writings

I have posted the following response to this entry about me.

“It is strange that you attempt to imply that I have made false rape accusations. My criticisms specific to the FRS are not accusations of rape and abuse. That is an attempt to sling some mud, and in poor, poor form. Despite what you attempt to imply, I have not made any accusations of rape or abuse. I have, however, pointed out that the ideology of Paul Elam and his MRA cohorts is one toward the distrust and disempowerment of female-bodied persons, in such a manner that the outcome fosters a tolerance for and erasure of rape culture and survivors of rape. Examining the writings of Elam on other non-FRS sites reveals his vicious animosity towards female power, and the outcome–not the alleged intent–of his so-called False Rape Society is what is important. (notice that it is not the False Rape Accusation Society, but that it is “False Rape,” as though rape itself doesn’t exist or is not a problem.) I believe that the goal of FRS and most of the salient manifestation of men’s advocacy functions not to make life better for men, but to make rape culture more impenetrable and rape easier to access. If that is not the intent of the FRS, that is irrelevant–because that is the outcome.

As to saying there are five of them, I was not referring to false rape accusation victims; I was referring to the administrators/owners of the FRS site: as it turns out, I was wrong. There is only 1 of them, and his name is Paul Elam. He has no staff, no non-profit status, no actual agency. That is because the network he works with consists of very few people making very big noise.”

A catalogue of lies, indeed.

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I’m About to Reboot the Blog.

I’ve put a bit of distance between myself and the blog, for a few reasons. I’ll try to articulate the major reason here.

Most of my posts up until this point have been consistently negative or polemic pieces. I love writing those pieces, but I’d like to head in the direction of writing positive stuff and start creating dialogue; open up the lines of communication rather than dropping cluster bombs on them.

I won’t stop writing pieces that eviscerate the immoralities and ignorance of anti-abortion activists and their doctor-killing comrades. I won’t stop exposing systematic police violence, writing about various attacks on minorities, the poor and workers, or having my disagreements with pro-government civil libertarianism.

But I want to have a dynamic blog, with assets ranging from informational value, critical analysis and investigative journalism to useful dialogues and building networks.

My apologies to anyone kind enough to read my blog, and thanks to anyone who stuck it out.

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