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Anonymous- U.S. Military Could Occupy Our Streets; Make Political Enemies Disappear

Oh. Bama.

From the St. Petersburg Times:

…the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the Senate last week, […] would require the military to arrest terrorist suspects in the United States and detain them indefinitely without trial.

This includes all people on American soil, citizen or no. It is a law that could allow the U.S. government to disappear me forever because of my political beliefs, and it could happen to you, too. This bill has far-reaching implications and would set some frightening precedents–such as the use of the military against people on U.S. streets, violating Posse Comitatus.

So I decided to pass along this communique from Anonymous, because I like Anonymous, and because they’re seemingly the only highly visible collective disseminating propaganda these days. A lot of people are put off by the Guy Faux thing, but I’m really not concerned with their choice of motif as I am the message and values they hold.

Looking in the comments to this video, I had some pretty facepalm-ish moments. Like this one:

The bill in question is almost 1000 pages long. Care to tell me which sections the offending text is in? It would make informed agreement or disagreement so much easier.

You’re sitting in front of a fucking computer and don’t know how to fucking Google this bill and news on it?

[Referring to the number of thumbs-up] 13167 are being followed by black helicopters

Again, I have to wonder how this person functions in life and even on the internet if they don’t know how to type the words “2012 National Defense Authorization Act.” Does someone wipe your ass for you, too? When someone accuses another person of being conspiratorially-minded, but obviously couldn’t think their way out of a Chucky Cheese’s coloring book, it makes me want to puke. A lot.

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The 99%: Should We Be Aligned with Killers and Bigots?

With the exception of a tendency toward reformism, I support the general idea of Occupy movements; that is, I don’t oppose it, but many potential participants would like to see a better, more cogent analysis of class from the movement. The analysis of the 99% of society vs 1% of the top owners and controllers of wealth and resources is a start, but it begins with a flaw: much, much more than the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the U.S. are a part of “the problem.” (Corporatism cannot be fixed by reforms, as capitalism itself is the problem, and is the perpetual crisis, but that is a subject for another post.) To begin with, if I remember correctly about 90% of the wealth in the U.S. belongs to about the top 5% of the population.

In addition to this issue, when you say “We Are the 99%” you are including the following groups and individuals. But, do we really want to be aligned with:

  • Cops who have killed people? Done terrible things to people on a daily basis, because it’s part of State policing? Police departments are composed of people who have systematically assaulted, intimidated, harassed, stolen from, framed, sexually assaulted and committed any other number of degrading, traumatic and immoral things to us. They’ve squashed our freedom of speech, preyed upon people of color and poor people, and protected each other against accountability for their actions. According to the Occupy analysis, they are the 99% and therefore “one of us.”
  • White supremacists? White nationalists, racist civil-libertarians, members of the Ku Klux Klan, racists who are not part of a group, Minutemen border patrollers and other nativists, citizen groups that seek to oppress groups because of racist viewpoints, anti-immigrant groups, well-connected bloggers who call for violence against Muslims and other people they oppose. There are Holocaust deniers and historical revisionists like Mark Weber and followers of David Irving. They are all part of this 99% category.
  • Religious groups and their members which advance an agenda of oppression? Groups like the Family Research Council, Abiding Truth Ministries. There’s “gay conversion therapists,” the Heritage Foundation, the 700 Club, and plenty more anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and otherwise xenophobic religious groups, members and followers falling into the 99%.
  • Individuals who promote hate? I doubt Glenn Beck falls into the top 1% of all wealth-owners in the U.S. There’s Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, Mat Staver, Harry Jackson, Jerry Boykin. Are these our allies?

Here I have provided just a handful of examples of groups and individuals who Occupiers may want to reconsider being aligned with. There’s plenty more, and I’d like to hear your examples, as well as rebuttals and ideas about the 99% class analysis. Please leave your comment below.

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NJ Police Kill Unarmed Man–When Citizens Respond, Cops Squash the 1st Amendment

NJ Cops arrive on the scene to squash dissentWhereas the police violence at Occupy Wall Street has found its way into the mainstream press, this video depicts the struggle going on every single day against unchecked State repression in communities of color.

The victim of the police shooting is Barry Deloatch. Here is an announcement from Hub City Anti-Racist Action on his murder by police. I’ll write more on the subject of police shootings in the future, from Aaron Campbell to Oscar Grant, and all across the U.S.

This should be reposted where possible.

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San Francisco Police Tear Through Occupy Wall Street/SF, Shut It Down Forcibly

This occurred last night. According to reports from Red, Green and Blue:

DPW are tearing down the camp. Donations from all you beautiful people out there are being destroy
DPW removing occupation’s belongings under riot police guard:
Officer F. Hagan just said to a colleague, “hey, want to pull a Seattle right now?”
Police will probably move in late to clear stuff. I imagine a few arrests will happen overnight. #occupysf will be here tomorrow.
The police are throwing out medication belonging to members of the occupation.
people are blocking the trucks with their bodies and pallets of wood. “Block the trucks!”
Police r pushiung ppl around. Just arrested somoneo and hit inb the chest after he was already down.
Correction, that was officer with helmet 682 who beat an unarmed and unresisting protestor who had followed his orders
And the obligatory brutality has begun… 3 police threw one of the #OccupySF kitchen down. He then received a baton to the face.

Source: Red Green & Blue (

Hat-tip to The Hand That Feeds You

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