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Anonymous- U.S. Military Could Occupy Our Streets; Make Political Enemies Disappear

Oh. Bama.

From the St. Petersburg Times:

…the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the Senate last week, […] would require the military to arrest terrorist suspects in the United States and detain them indefinitely without trial.

This includes all people on American soil, citizen or no. It is a law that could allow the U.S. government to disappear me forever because of my political beliefs, and it could happen to you, too. This bill has far-reaching implications and would set some frightening precedents–such as the use of the military against people on U.S. streets, violating Posse Comitatus.

So I decided to pass along this communique from Anonymous, because I like Anonymous, and because they’re seemingly the only highly visible collective disseminating propaganda these days. A lot of people are put off by the Guy Faux thing, but I’m really not concerned with their choice of motif as I am the message and values they hold.

Looking in the comments to this video, I had some pretty facepalm-ish moments. Like this one:

The bill in question is almost 1000 pages long. Care to tell me which sections the offending text is in? It would make informed agreement or disagreement so much easier.

You’re sitting in front of a fucking computer and don’t know how to fucking Google this bill and news on it?

[Referring to the number of thumbs-up] 13167 are being followed by black helicopters

Again, I have to wonder how this person functions in life and even on the internet if they don’t know how to type the words “2012 National Defense Authorization Act.” Does someone wipe your ass for you, too? When someone accuses another person of being conspiratorially-minded, but obviously couldn’t think their way out of a Chucky Cheese’s coloring book, it makes me want to puke. A lot.

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The Ongoing Occupation of Wall Street

Update 9/22/11 6:04 Eastern: Coverage of Occupy Wall Street can periodically be found at democracynow.org. They have some excellent interviews and footage, and unlike the MSM, they interview people who are well articulated. I’ve found by now that even left-leaning publications seek out the dumbest person at a protest and interview them. That’s all the public gets, so that’s what they think it is. Democracynow.org actually covers shit. Go figure.
Update 9/21/11 5:35am Eastern: Here’s the best writing on the arrests and happenings yesterday, the 20th: http://wagingnonviolence.org/2011/09/liberty-plaza-prevails-over-provocation/

Update 9/20/11 11:17am Eastern: NYPD ATTACKS: Police have injured at least one person, and are according to reports attacking protesters. Here’s some arrest video. Notice the police inflicting injury and torture on one young man at about 3:13, by crushing his shoulder and also his hips to the ground. These are typical police tactics, not meant to detain but to repress through trauma. They want to ensure that their victims are too burnt out and hurt to continue protesting the next day, and to set an example to others: to challenge the socioeconomic order in the U.S. by legal protest is akin to defying the gods themselves. That defiance must be met with corporal, summary punishment.


Useful links:

  1. Helpful updates: AnonOps–with video updates and livefeeds.
  2. Video: Arrests of Occupy Wall Street Protesters in NYC on September 19, 2011
  3. Information: AnonCentral
  4. Photo and video: Incredible photography of #occupywallstreet by Juan-Carlos Hernandez
  5. Information: US Day of Rage Tactical Plans 
  6. Send more! @Rthemilieu on Twitter

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