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U.S. Terrorists Use Child Abuse as Recruitment Tool

If I told you that there was a group of both knowing adults and youthful activists who use trauma, fear and violence to intimidate and coerce children into subscribing to a particular political or economic belief, possibly for life–would you act now?

Every year, this nation-wide group takes houses, or parking garages, or otherwise apt buildings, converts them into complex illusions of pain, suffering, tragedy and most of all bloody, tasteless violence, and uses these spaces to forcefully program children and teens to subscribe to a particular version of Revolutionary Marxism. Continue reading

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Hijack This Anti-gay/Anti-trans OneMillionMoms Website Petition to Send a Pro-gay/Pro-trans Message to ABC Network

OneMillionMoms.com has a petition for the television network ABC which can be found at the bottom of this anti-transgendered article. It features an unattributed rant railing against the existence of Chaz Bono and gay people, due to Chaz and a gay man participating on the inane Dancing with the Stars. You can utilize this petition-system to send ABC a pro-gay, pro-trans message, thereby contributing to the irritation of anti-trans gasbags. I’ll show you how: Continue reading

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Ohio Atheist Group to Church: Thanks “for advertising our thoughts.”

There is no god (don't believe everything you hear)
Usually it’s atheists putting up billboards that say things like, “THERE IS NO GOD. (Don’t believe everything you hear.)” But Mansfield, Ohio pastor Frank Moore of McElroy Road Church of Christ thought that the message would provoke thought and discourse about Christianity, and bring them new parishioners and website visitors. Here’s how Moore explains it, according to Mansfieldnewsjournal.com

“I was using their (atheist groups) format. I got the idea from them. We have had a lot of feedback. Most of it has been negative. Some Christians were asking us to take it down. But it’s the kind of sign designed to make you think,” Moore said, recalling how growing up his parents always told him not to believe everything people tell him.

Mid Ohio Atheists president Ron Stephens:

“We earnestly thank the McElroy Road Church of Christ for advertising our thoughts.”

Something tells me that Frank Moore shouldn’t go into marketing.

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Flip Benham: “We will become like the God we worship.”

I recently stumbled across this post verbally masturbating about military Jesusness on Flip Benham’s regrettable organization Operation Save America’s website. It is ultimately creepy to read the decidedly telling quote that I used as the title for this post, even in context, so forget seeing Red State and go check for yourself (screw it, go see the movie.) Among the other gems in the post:

God bless our troops.  There is something about a Marine that makes other countries listen to reason.

Now, OSA–which opposes a woman’s right not to bleed to death from abortion by getting a safe, consensual one–is certainly no nexus of reason. But unless the quote is just tongue-in-cheek promotion of use of force and US exceptionalism (probably is), then I really can’t figure out where the hell they got the impression that the job of a US Marine is primarily one of diplomacy. My grandpa didn’t have dialogue with Nazis. He shot their asses out of the sky.

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Ohio Right to Life Sponsors Glenn Beck Event in Columbus

The women’s health saboteurs Ohio Right to Life are sponsoring an event featuring an appearance by the irrelevant Glenn Beck in late October. It will take place in Columbus at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.
Okay folks, make sure not to bring balloons filled with bright pink paint to throw at event attendees on Thursday, October 27, 2011 (Doors Open 4:30PM, Event Begins 7:00PM) at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Cause that is totally juvenile and illegal, and someone could go to jail. Seriously. They really could.

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