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Pandagon’s Marcotte on the Influence Paul Elam and MRAs Have on Actual Men’s Advocacy

I am not the only one who sees through the False Rape Society and Paul Elam’s bullshit. Amanda Marcotte takes on the Good Men Project’s founder, Tom Matlack, whose mind has been apparently poisoned by the likes of Paul Elam. It appears that Matlack’s style of confrontation is just like Elam’s:

When you make a bunch of baseless, unevidenced, generalizing arguments about a group of people—in this case, feminists and women as a group—and when challenged, cannot and will not provide evidence, you’re not making argument. You’re simply being prejudiced. Tom is whining that feminists don’t feel empathy for “men”, even though I quoted men extensively in my rebuttal to him and demonstrated ample empathy and understanding of men—starting with the understanding that “men” are not a monolith. He’s got nothing. He’s just spouting sexist blather and, when called on it, whining about meanie feminists instead of proving his arguments or hell, even giving a specific example of what the fuck he’s talking about when he accuses women as a group of being so mean and unaccepting of men.

I highly encourage reading Marcotte’s article over at Pandagon. Flame on.

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My Response to acatalogueoflies.com Claims About My FRS Writings

I have posted the following response to this entry about me.

“It is strange that you attempt to imply that I have made false rape accusations. My criticisms specific to the FRS are not accusations of rape and abuse. That is an attempt to sling some mud, and in poor, poor form. Despite what you attempt to imply, I have not made any accusations of rape or abuse. I have, however, pointed out that the ideology of Paul Elam and his MRA cohorts is one toward the distrust and disempowerment of female-bodied persons, in such a manner that the outcome fosters a tolerance for and erasure of rape culture and survivors of rape. Examining the writings of Elam on other non-FRS sites reveals his vicious animosity towards female power, and the outcome–not the alleged intent–of his so-called False Rape Society is what is important. (notice that it is not the False Rape Accusation Society, but that it is “False Rape,” as though rape itself doesn’t exist or is not a problem.) I believe that the goal of FRS and most of the salient manifestation of men’s advocacy functions not to make life better for men, but to make rape culture more impenetrable and rape easier to access. If that is not the intent of the FRS, that is irrelevant–because that is the outcome.

As to saying there are five of them, I was not referring to false rape accusation victims; I was referring to the administrators/owners of the FRS site: as it turns out, I was wrong. There is only 1 of them, and his name is Paul Elam. He has no staff, no non-profit status, no actual agency. That is because the network he works with consists of very few people making very big noise.”

A catalogue of lies, indeed.

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Female soldiers more likely to be raped by fellow soldiers than killed in battle

“Rape within the US military has become so widespread that it is estimated that a female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.”

But remember what Paul Elam and his MRA friends tell you: Rape culture doesn’t exist and if it did it would have nothing to do with significant patterns of male sexual violence.

Also from the article, the main reason why I do not believe the False Rape Society and the MRA claim that they want to build a better life for men: “But military rape is not only a women’s issue. According to the Veterans Affairs Office, 37% of the sexual trauma cases reported last year were men. ‘Men are even more isolated than women following rape,’ Bhagwati says. ‘Because it has an even bigger social stigma.’” Here we see that if the FRS and MRAs wanted to make a better life for men, they would also come to the aid of male sexual assault victims. But that is not the point of the FRS. These groups exist because they are rooted in a fear and hatred for female power, they believe only women are capable of wrong, and the fact that rape is harder to get away with these days seems to make them really upset.

Hat-tip to Pharyngula for featuring the Guardian story this morning.

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The So-Called False Rape Society Attacks Me (Update: Apology to Paul Elam!)

False rape is worse than a free rapist?

From the False Rape Society


[Update! I have apologized to Paul Elam. When I searched the domain names of the MRA sites I am writing about, I must have confused one of Elams other domains, such as register-her.com, for the FRS site. A sincere apology to Mr. Elam is in order! I will edit this article to reflect that, and leave a record of this mistake in this post.]

This was getting cluttered and confusing, so I moved all updates to the bottom of the original post. Thanks!

I decided to create a Google alert today to find out which of my articles people are talking about and what they’re saying, a tip I read up on on another blog. The first alert it sent me is a doozy. I’ll get to that.

I had stumbled upon one of these atrocious pits of misogyny, the False Rape Society(FRS), a group that insists that it wants to help men who are falsely accused of rape. However, upon closer examination, the first clue of the illegitimacy of this claim is that the FRS is closely affiliated with such sites as “The Happy Misogynist”, “A Voice for Men”, and other sites dedicated to tearing female-bodied persons down and trying to erase their rapes and very existence as survivors. [See updates at the bottom for a lot more info on these sites, their ties, what they say.]

Don’t forget this winner, the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) Forums, featuring the article “A Tale of Two Skanks” on the front page. These are people who celebrate domestic violence and rape. Scum. This site is directly linked to register-her.com[owned by Paul Elam who owns the FRS domain], the site which publicly prints women’s information in an attempt to invoke violence upon them, which I told you about in this article.

The False Rape Society site also explicitly states that rape victims are not victims until the government says so, and painstakingly scours the internet for any articles that can cast women who are raped as liars, one and all, thus feeding into these insecure rape-apologists’ fantasies about who women are.

So I dropped a little comment, just a quick drive-by hoping to agitate them into seeing what I’ve said about MRAs in the past, maybe get a few of them to pull their heads out of their asses. I said this: Continue reading

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