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Market trader: “Goldman Sachs Rules the World; I dream of another recession…”

Refreshingly honest insights from stock market trader Alessio Rastani (hat-tip to Crooks & Liars):

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Goldman Sachs: Win, cheat, or quit. We don’t fucking lose – ever.

lloyd blankfein

Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO Goldman Sachs

Here’s a piece that won’t surprise you at all (from Examiner.com):

…while the firm had been largely categorized a behemoth monolith, GSElevator on Twitter is giving the global bank a bit more color with tweeted glimpses of corporate culture via conversations of workers who don’t take the stairs.

Candid Tweets [EDIT: should read: Candid conversations] from Goldman Sachs employees about working- and middle-class people? This should be interesting: Continue reading

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