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The Stuff: Self-Centered Vaxxers, Mariah Carey Scary, Cops ATL

Selfish Assholes who don't give a shit if children who can't access medicine die from measles

Who cares about other people's health? Not Melanie, she's carefree!

  • I will never understand how anti-vaxxer loons got to be so fucking selfish.
  • The people swallowing the anti-vaxxer pill tend to be into the so-called naturalist, homeopathic and Wicca stuff too. I remember being 18 and really, really wanting to believe that Wicca crap. I never could convince myself. It’s schlock. If nature had anything to do with mushy naturalism then careful observation of the world we live in would be their highest priority, not their mortal enemy.
  • Got an email alert from the onemillionmoms.com urging me to sign a petition against the new Jenny Craig commercial featuring Mariah Carey, which (tastefully, IMO) depicts her struggling and finally emerging from a sort of cloth cocoon. The reason onemillionmoms.com is against it? Hilarious: “There is too much skin shown for most audiences. It seems to be portraying a female body coming out of a cocoon, simulating perhaps a new body being formed…This ad is clever in that it is graphic without actually showing anything. This way it could be aired.” Methinks they misunderstand the word, “graphic.”
  • When fascism comes to America it will look like this. (Video)
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The Stuff: Humble Writes, Occupy Makes Wins, NAACP Professionalizes Struggle

The Stimulator

Ninjas? WTF do you mean ninjas?!!

  • On a much more depressing note, cops in Australia rip a woman’s tent-costume off of her body, stripping her to her underwear in broad daylight. When they’re done, they just walk away.
  • Fox News’ Eric Bolling wants to round up undocumented school kids and deport them.
  • Occupy Chapel Hill has a measure of victory, sparking action and energy in the movement.
  • Prominent GOP pollster Frank Lutz is “scared to death of Occupy” and advises Republicans on how to control public opinion of the Occupy Movement.
  • A friend of mine recently unsubscribed from the NAACP mail alerts. They sent him a form requesting that he state the reason why he unsubscribed. I’d like to share what he wrote here about the NAACP and liberal/Official Left(TM) groups, because it is salient and to-the-point in regards to professional Leftists who make a career out of struggle:

“The NAACP [insert liberal group here] is a bunch of ineffective liberals that think there’s hope in the system and exist in the cesspool of “democratic” plurality. You professionalize social struggle and make it a job that is separate from daily life, that only exists within the sphere of the Official Left’s special interests. You are completely irrelevant in the face of the growing awareness that the system is entirely corrupt and needs to be gotten rid of completely and replaced by a horizontalist, all-inclusive process of cooperating human beings. Groups like you will only get in the way of people realizing their potential by making yourselves the self-proclaimed leaders of a movement you can’t figure out and are threatened by since your way of doing things, your dogmatic adherence to nonviolence, your belief in electoral politics and isolation from the reality of daily life for most people makes your group completely irrelevant and detrimental. My friends, you are as much a part of the problem, along with the rest of the Official Left in the world, as the capitalists and politicians are. Quit your jobs, or you will remain the careerist pigs that will be washed away by the tide of historical necessity.”

  • And if you’re still with me after that, I’m going to randomly plug submedia.tv which features the excellent show, It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine. Check it out. Don’t be frightened. Or do be frightened.
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