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The Stuff: Abortion Games, Pentagon Claims, and um yeah…Ayn Rand Was Fucking Weird

Free Bradley Manning!

  • This ridiculous anti-abortion campaign is an insult to every living person on Earth. Awww, poor wittle Johnny is giving up video games until women cease to need abortions, so let’s all deny women sovereignty over their bodies and let women who need lifesaving emergency abortions die—that way Johnny can get back to playing Call of Duty. *puke* (Full disclosure: I love video games.)
  • Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) attempts to vanquish socially unpopular breeds of dog. But now, there’s dog disguise kits to remedy these puppy-eugenics measures. (Hat-tip to theagitator.com, authored by Radley Balko.)
  • This interview with acclaimed anthropologist David Graeber is an intriguing and informative read, I recommend reading it through. It covers many subjects, including the nature of debt and what direct action means. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your latest book is called Debt. One of the arguments you make is that the reason the idea of debt has so much power is because no one has any idea what it actually is. Did you get any closer to understanding what debt is?
A: Yes. Debt is the perversion of a promise, a promise that has been perverted through mathematics and violence. I’m not saying mathematics is bad, but the combination of mathematics and violence is extremely bad. A debt is a promise to give a certain sum of money, in a certain amount of time, under certain conditions. It is a contract that is ultimately enforceable through the threat of force. The problem is that through a genuinely perverse historical alchemy, we’ve come to see such acts of violence as the very essence of morality.

  • As you may know, the National Defense Authorization Bill 2012 has passed, and has some possibly tremendous impacts on civilian rights in the U.S. But did you know that it could also chill internet speech and target movements like Occupy Wall Street via cyberspace surveillance? Says Kurt Nimmo of the declaration by the Pentagon of the internet as a “domain of war” (featured in the article linked to above):

It will work with the Pentagon to militarily neutralize the threat posed by activists and the alternative media.

  • Support Bradley Manning! Also, I posted this on Facecrack, but I’m going to repost my comments on Wikileaks and information-exposing tech here:

I love the work Wikileaks has done, but the truth is Wikileaks has been over for a year now. Wikileaks did what no one else could accomplish, but the tools for journalists and whistleblowers have evolved, and we are now past the centralization of this information-exposing movement, moving into broader, decentralized tools such as OpenLeaks and other things that put the power into the hands of the whistleblowers and journalists, with no necessity for a middleman such as Wikileaks. Wikileaks was the advent of this movement and deserves praise as such, but it was simply a snapshot, a transitional form in the evolution of this movement. Thank you Wikileaks! And hello, future information technologies!

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