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San Francisco Police Tear Through Occupy Wall Street/SF, Shut It Down Forcibly

This occurred last night. According to reports from Red, Green and Blue:

DPW are tearing down the camp. Donations from all you beautiful people out there are being destroy
DPW removing occupation’s belongings under riot police guard:
Officer F. Hagan just said to a colleague, “hey, want to pull a Seattle right now?”
Police will probably move in late to clear stuff. I imagine a few arrests will happen overnight. #occupysf will be here tomorrow.
The police are throwing out medication belonging to members of the occupation.
people are blocking the trucks with their bodies and pallets of wood. “Block the trucks!”
Police r pushiung ppl around. Just arrested somoneo and hit inb the chest after he was already down.
Correction, that was officer with helmet 682 who beat an unarmed and unresisting protestor who had followed his orders
And the obligatory brutality has begun… 3 police threw one of the #OccupySF kitchen down. He then received a baton to the face.

Source: Red Green & Blue (http://s.tt/13rvw)

Hat-tip to The Hand That Feeds You

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Fox News Reporters Get Attacked By NYPD at Occupy Wall Street

Hat-tip to The Hand That Feeds You

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Lawrence O’Donnell Slams NYPD Police Brutality

Or: “A Momentous Day, in Which I am for Once Truly, Truly Moved and Impressed with a Liberal Journalist (That is, One Who Doesn’t Report for DemocracyNow.)”:

Please let me know if this player goes bad so I can replace it promptly.

Much respect for Lawrence O’Donnell, for putting up a real piece of journalism confronting the systematic abuse of police powers which is endemic to our police agencies.

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