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U.S. Terrorists Use Child Abuse as Recruitment Tool

If I told you that there was a group of both knowing adults and youthful activists who use trauma, fear and violence to intimidate and coerce children into subscribing to a particular political or economic belief, possibly for life–would you act now?

Every year, this nation-wide group takes houses, or parking garages, or otherwise apt buildings, converts them into complex illusions of pain, suffering, tragedy and most of all bloody, tasteless violence, and uses these spaces to forcefully program children and teens to subscribe to a particular version of Revolutionary Marxism. Continue reading

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Anti-Abortion Lawyer “anything but competent” for “self-serving entreaties of attention-seekers”

Legislators in Texas, Dan Patrick and Sid Miller, recently filed a motion to appeal a ruling regarding their manipulative and senseless ultrasound-before-abortion legislature. Federal District Judge Sam Sparks has ruled against the motion, made by an unsavory anti-abortion sideshow lawyer in Texas named Allan Parker,  whose sloppy tactics did not go unrecognized by the Judge:

[T]he Court is forced to conclude Allan E. Parker, Jr., the attorney whose signature appears on this motion, is anything but competent. A competent attorney would not have filed this motion in the first place; if he did, he certainly would not have attached exhibits that are both highly prejudicial and legally irrelevant; and if he foolishly did both things, he surely would not be so unprofessional as to file such exhibits unsealed. A competent attorney who did those things would be deliberately disrespecting this Court and knowingly shirking his professional responsibilities, offenses for which he would be lucky to retain his bar card, much less an intact bank balance.
For Mr. Parker’s sake, and because the Court has no time to hold a sanctions hearing –- in part because it must take time out of deciding the actual legal issues in this case to address the self-serving entreaties of attention-seekers like Mr. Parker –- the Court assumes Mr. Parker is as incompetent as he appears. Rather than sanction him, the Court simply does what Mr. Parker would have done if he was a competent professional, and seals attachment 7 to his motion.

Anti-evolution and Intelligent Design lawyers also tend to strategize in the same way: they mistake spectacle for substance. submit to reddit

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Flip Benham: “We will become like the God we worship.”

I recently stumbled across this post verbally masturbating about military Jesusness on Flip Benham’s regrettable organization Operation Save America’s website. It is ultimately creepy to read the decidedly telling quote that I used as the title for this post, even in context, so forget seeing Red State and go check for yourself (screw it, go see the movie.) Among the other gems in the post:

God bless our troops.  There is something about a Marine that makes other countries listen to reason.

Now, OSA–which opposes a woman’s right not to bleed to death from abortion by getting a safe, consensual one–is certainly no nexus of reason. But unless the quote is just tongue-in-cheek promotion of use of force and US exceptionalism (probably is), then I really can’t figure out where the hell they got the impression that the job of a US Marine is primarily one of diplomacy. My grandpa didn’t have dialogue with Nazis. He shot their asses out of the sky.

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Ohio Right to Life Sponsors Glenn Beck Event in Columbus

The women’s health saboteurs Ohio Right to Life are sponsoring an event featuring an appearance by the irrelevant Glenn Beck in late October. It will take place in Columbus at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.
Okay folks, make sure not to bring balloons filled with bright pink paint to throw at event attendees on Thursday, October 27, 2011 (Doors Open 4:30PM, Event Begins 7:00PM) at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Cause that is totally juvenile and illegal, and someone could go to jail. Seriously. They really could.

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