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The Stuff: RCP Scary, Pregnancy As Punishment, Hipster Race Analysis


  • Wow. The RCP is fucken lame. And kinda scary. Just thoughtcha should know.
    • An excellent post at Pandagon regarding the true effects of HHS Secretary Sebilius’ historic and unprecedented veto of the FDA’s approval of making Plan B available over the counter and available without prescription to teen girls, effectively leveraging forced teenage pregnancy as a lifelong punishment preventative measure for sexual activity. And I am horrified when I read comments by parents on the internet saying that they will actively support the sabotage of their child’s future by denying them access to birth control. I am just floored at this thinking. Please, please do not ruin your own child’s life by denying them birth control. And creating a new life as a form of punishment for your kids being sexually active? Just, wow. And yes, I actually read comments giving many versions of that argument. And that’s what it boils down to: pregnancy as punishment. I feel sick now…
    • It’s too bad gay people are forcing heterosexual spouses into adultery. The nerve!
    • An incredible and beautiful encounter with some of the non-human primates we are lucky to share the planet with:
    • Hipster race analysis (or How White Kids Should Not Tell Persons of Color How to Feel):
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    Ron Paul’s Incredible Wingnut-on-Wingnut Crime

    For those who cannot view the video, the following is a political attack ad by Ron Paul’s campaign against fellow primary GOP contender Newt Gingrich. Here’s a quote from a right-wing blog, Townhall.com, to put things in perspective:

    What makes this ad particularly brutal is the degree to which its content is comprised of (a) flashback quotes from Newt himself (the Pelosi counch of trust is especially galling), and (b) criticism from prominent conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Paul Ryan. The spot’s implicit question: If Republican voters aren’t willing to back Romney because of his shape-shifting political opportunism, is Newt really the antidote?

    Ouch. These guys are like bugs hittin’ the zapper, the way they fall from grace these days. This is gearing up to be an interesting primary for sure!

    Just remember, representative electoral politics are nothing but a fucken sideshow and a way to keep people from participating in actual democracy.

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